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Plasma Technology

Our real world, the amazing world where everything is possible, is full of possibilities.
Jungrok Co., Ltd. is in the middle of a road that no one has gone..
Jungrok Co., Ltd. aims to enrich the lives of customers by sterilising air beyond the role of existing air purifiers through plasma modules.
Through ceaseless innovation and positive change, we will make tomorrow’s amazing possibilities a reality.

Plasma technology
Jungrok Co., Ltd.

Jungrok’s plasma module effectively decomposes and removes the pollutants on surface or air.
The plasma module takes a step further from the simple air purifiers and disinfects the air to enrich customer’s life.



Plasma performance / plasma generation area maximisation through ADD technology transfer.
Possible to form a free plasma area, depending on the space and shape by the flexible electrode.

  • Plasma technology

    Plasma technology

    Plasma can be defined as a gas in an ionised state.
    When energy is applied to a gas, it separates into electrons and atomic nuclei, which is called an ionised state.
    More than 90% of the matter in the universe, such as the sun, lightning, and aurora, is made up of plasma.

  • Ion Generation Module

    Ion Generation Module

    - Air purification fine dust collection
    - Corona discharge principle
    - Improved VOC removal ability

    Dimension 30X55, 35X46mm(customized)
    Input power source 5V, 12V, 27V
    Performance removal of harmful substances, fine dust collection
    Use Small air purification products, such as for vehicles and portables Plasma module
  • Plasma Module

    Plasma Module

    - Virus sterilisation (new virus such as coronavirus)
    - DBD discharge principle
    - Removal of harmful substances in the air (VOC, virus, etc.), sterilisation

    Dimension 35x46mm, 35x70mm (customized production)
    Input power source 5V, 12V
    Performance VOC removal, pathogen and virus (HCoV) sterilization
    Use homes, public institutions, hospitals, restaurants, buses, trains, subways, etc.

Research Institute

  • 시제품 제작실

    Prototype Production Room

  • 시제품 제작실

    Bio Lab


  • 2016
    • Apr.

      Established “GinKor”

  • 2017
    • Jul.

      Established a company-affiliated research institute

    • Sep.

      Converted Jungrok Co., Ltd. into a corporation

    • Nov.

      Certified as a venture company

    • Dec.

      Certified as one of K-Global 300 ICT promising companies

  • 2018
    • Sep.

      Became a partner company of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

    • Nov.

      Obtained Productivity Management System certification from the Korea Productivity Center

    • Dec.

      The Agency for Defense Development transferred the technology [Patterning plasma jet using conductive ink]

  • 2019
    • Jun.

      Plasma jet patterning, plasma module R&D

    • Dec.

      Plasma Air Cleaning Device and System PCT

  • 2020
    • Mar.

      The Agency for Defense Development transferred the technology

    • May.

      Certified as an Excellent technology evaluation company (air purifier)

  • 2021
    • Feb.

      ISO 9001 Certification

    • Mar.

      Achieved ISO 9001 certification

    • May.

      Established a factory




  • Headquarters

    A-414, 79-10, Techno saneop-ro 55beon-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

  • Company Research Institute

    A-3406, 97, Centum jungang-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

  • Factory 1

    B-301, 79-10, Techno saneop-ro 55beon-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

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